Different Types of Concrete and Knitting Stiches

Since all of the patterns in this collection employ knit and purl stitches, almost all of them may be used by beginners. Start by creating swatches of these simple stitch patterns as a terrific way to put your knitting learning into practice.

Easy Knitting Stitches

Knowing how to knit these stitch patterns is crucial for all levels of knitters, from beginners to experts. By mastering these stitches, you’ll be able to experiment with different knitting patterns and add texture to your work. Many of these stitches are frequently used in blankets, caps, and scarves.

What Are The Different Knitting Stitches?

Here are some basic knitting stitches that you should be familiar with. From variations of other knit and purl stitch patterns to garter stitch, purl, and stockinette stitch—which are frequently employed in most patterns. Ribbing, basketweave, and moss stitches are other options.

Garter Stitch

Any amount of stitches can be used to complete this pattern. Knit or purl each stitch using two needles. The work’s reverse side is identical to its reverse side in appearance. You must count both the rows that appear to be “within” and the alternate rows that appear to stand out on each side.

Stocking Stitch