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Healing Gemstone Stitch Marker Set - Picture Jasper

Stability, balance and ecological awareness. All are known qualities of Picture Jasper.

This stitch marker set of 5 is handmade with silver plated findings and features genuine Swarovski crystals in Crystal clear and fire-polished bronze Czech crystal beads to accent semi-precious Picture Jasper gemstones and includes a **complimentary matching** Stitch Marker holder.

The third photo shows an example of all available options.

Gemstones are filled with intrinsic and universal energy. It is believed by many that various gemstones have specific healing properties. 

The energy of Jasper is subtle and deep, reflecting the earth from which it came. Jasper helps us to slow down and give us time to breathe. Wearing this stone can help us to overcome obstacles and generates assertive and decisive behavior. Picture jasper is thought to encourage ecological awareness and as such, brings stability and balance. This gemstone is especially useful for alleviating geopathic and environmental stress.


Unique accessories for your knitting and crochet, infused with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones.

All of our stitch markers are customizable to be used for knitting or crochet - with rings or hooks.

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