The Soul Care Collective is launching soon!

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Our mission at Crimson Orchid Designs is to support and inspire women to enhance their self-care in order to prevent or minimize stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We believe that creativity, mindset and physical environment can provide the essential elements for living an inspired life.

At Crimson Orchid, we have always been inspired to support creativity by creating our product line for knitting and crochet; including stitch markers, counting bracelets, handspun yarns, and other accessories.

We are excited to expand our offering.


We believe that creativity can be a spiritual practice. We show you how with various types of creative activities, as well as exploring colour psychology and even colouring pages.


Mindset is so important when dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We provide meditations, self-care rituals and affirmations. Join us on our Facebook page for #teatalk weekly.

Physical Elements

The physical elements in our environment can make an impact in our day-to-day wellbeing. We delve into crystals and stones, essential oils and other items that can increase happiness and calm.

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