Must-Have Craft Tools and Supplies

Whether you’re beginning to build your arsenal or you’re an experienced crafter, I suggest you check this detailed list of must-have craft tools and supplies. In this post, I’ll demonstrate the tools I use for making products and doing crafts on a regular basis, as well as how you can use them and why you should.

Scissors and Paper Trimmer

You need more than one set of scissors if you want to get into serious crafting. Three or four pairs ought to do it. These are my favorites; they are all stainless steel, so they have been holding up for years.

Chalk Markers

Ever since I had to design a rustic chic wedding in 2014, I have been on a chalkboard art kick. All of the chalkboards were actually hand-made by me using conventional white chalk. But I have been developing my chalkboard-art-making system and now chalk markers are my favorite. numerous uses!

Craft Knife

This is a no-brainer. Cutting with a craft knife allows for small, accurate cuts. Just be cautious about where you keep it. I hide it so well (from my young boy) that sometimes I can’t find it.

Washi Tape, Ribbons and Twine.

Which crafter doesn’t love washi tape? I must admit that I still need to use more washi tape in my life. There are so many types, designs, and colors. I mark special dates and events on my planner and to-do list. And it is great for labeling cables and their matching electronic device.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are a must-have tool for a jewelry makers kit. They allow you to cut headpins, eye pins, and stringing wire. However, considering that most homes already have one in their toolbox, you might not even need to buy this item. Check the garage or shed first to see whether your husband, father, or another family member has a pair laying around before you make a purchase.

Bead Stoppers

If you have the money and wish to string beads, you might want to stock up on bead stoppers. By keeping beads in place on the wire, these inexpensive tools can save you a ton of time. Squeeze the stopper’s loops on either end to stretch the springs apart. Then, release the loops and insert your bead wire. By doing this, you will stop your beads from falling off the project while you work on the other end.

Self-Healing Mat

Since it safeguards your work area, a self-healing mat is quite beneficial when used with a craft knife (see my suggestion for that item below). I prefer the Fiskars 3-piece rotary cutting set since it is inexpensive and includes a clear ruler and rotary trimmer, both of which are quite useful for cutting out sewing projects.

Glue Gun

Oh, how I adore using you, glue gun! Let me list them: paper projects, home décor projects, fabric projects, class projects for my kids, etc.

Without my glue gun, I genuinely couldn’t survive. As not all projects will demand a high heat setting, I advise a gun with temperature adjustment.

Needle-Nosed Pliers

There are times when you need a tool that can readily grip very little materials when producing jewelry, beaded projects, keychains, and other products. The best tool for the job is a pair of needle-nosed pliers. (The aforementioned link offers a complete jewelry tool set that is quite reasonably priced and includes two additional useful instruments in addition to needle-nose pliers.)

Dremel Maker Kit

The ideal kit for anyone looking to use some pretty cool tools to step up their crafting endeavors is this one! A rotary tool (very helpful for woodworking tasks), an engraving tool (hello, personalized gift items! ), and a butane torch tool are all included in this kit.

Wood Burning Tool

With the right instrument at hand, wood burning tasks are incredibly enjoyable and simple! The heat tool and several tips included in this wood burning kit can be used to burn different patterns into wood.


It’s crucial to check for bubbles beneath the surface of your completed item when using Mod Podge and projects that use sticky vinyl. The easiest technique to eliminate those bubbles for a polished finish is with a roller/brayer tool.

This thorough list of essential crafting tools and materials is full with resources that each crafter will find useful when completing a range of crafts.