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DIY Knitting Hacks

A knitter’s life is made easier and the act of knitting itself is more enjoyable thanks to the enormous variety of knitting tools and accessories. These handcrafted stitch markers, gorgeous knitting needles, exquisite yarn bowls, and a long number of other items are not only functional but also attractive.

Unfortunately, we often lack access to them because equipment malfunctions, breaks, or is just out of our price range. When that happens, inventiveness, do-it-yourself projects, and hacks can be useful.

Stitch markers

When knitting in the round or with a complex stitch pattern, stitch markers come in quite handy because they eliminate the need to continually check your stitches.

You can replace the markers with your own DIY yarn markers, which are quite simple to produce, whether you don’t want to spend any further money on them or you have ran out of them (they tend to disappear one by one, exactly like hairpins).

Take any extra yarn, cut it to a length of 10-15cm (4-6 inches), fold it in half, and then create a loop to hang from your needle. You’ve just created a stitch marker, Any time of day or night, you can create as many …